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    Better You

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  2. loarts-art:

    Something I drew a while back?

    I deleted it though because I didn’t like it

    but for some reason I do now?

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  4. photonromance:

    Give me all the pre-reform Vulcans! Sharp angles in drapes of rich fabric. Fine metal chains and cuffs of precious metals. Dark hair long, combed to a sinful silk.

    Ugh, I want passionate warriors, not afraid, but still noble.

    Give me Jim Kirk’s alien blonde hair and honey eyes. Dress him in skeins of silk and enough jewelry to make delicate music when he walks, all rolling hips and flashes of bare thigh. Let him rest at his Master’s side, seduction and genius, a bondmate in the guise of a pet. Lord Spock in traditional warrior’s dress, red silk and silver coloured armour, lounging on his cushion, fingers in his darling’s hair. Watching his enemy feast with hooded eyes. Planning, plotting. A pair of lovers, unstoppable. 

    I’ve fallen for pre-reform and I can’t get up. I’m not really sure if I want to.

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    Low Tide ~ by Mycologie

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    Illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya website l tumblr

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    Amiyah’s perfect

    who do I need to sell my soul to so I can look like this

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    Twiggy c. 1967.

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  10. runmonsterun:

    got me thinking what it might be like to be alone for a while,

    or alone for just one night


    I just wanted to draw silly Catwoman and Poison Ivy sidekicks…or you could see them as alternates I guess! Bloom and Mouse.

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